Mr.John W. Warner IV WWII Thriller Reveals Shocking Hidden German Military History

(NewsUSA)From John W. Warner IV, creator, antiquarian, child of U.S. Representative John W. Warner and grandson of giver Paul Mellon, OSS, KBE, comes this brilliant new recorded spine chiller "Lion, Tiger, Bear," continuation of his acclaimed debut novel, "Little Anton," about the stunning secret history of super-trend setting innovation and undercover plans of the German military during WWII's North African mission and beyond.
Lion, Tiger, BearWarner's forty years of examination and broad discussions with his dad, high-positioning military work force, and his granddad, Paul Mellon, advise the story, which cunningly consolidates essential source material and documented military reports with anecdotal and humorous components to make an arresting account. Clinician Carl Jung, Mellon's companion and OSS individual, has an idea of "synchronicity" that is obvious in the book, making it a banquet of wartime indelicacies and intense otherworldly concepts.RASH AND BRASH LADY BEA IS AT IT AGAIN Rash and reckless Lady Bea, presented in "Little Anton," is back as pilot and MI6 usable (British Secret Intelligence Service). Her group's main goal: find a mysterious German mining activity, airbase and Ahnenerbe SS paleontology delve in Iraq that is providing the German "Wunderwaffe's" nuclear law with free energy and repulsive force programs. The program depends on puzzling old information and materials.Lion, Tiger, BearA committed military history specialist and trick scientist, Warner discloses mysterious (above Top Secret) WWII action including Germany's position of dugouts and radio pinnacles above underground earthly energy "Ley Lines." These supported force and secret conflict weaponry projects including substance lasers, nuclear weapons, repulsive force trials and rocket works for Himmler's SS under the sponsorship of SS General Kammler. Warner refers to prove about the 1942 "Clash of Los Angeles" and the insight gathering plasma drone "Foo-Fighters" recorded in true U.S., British, Russian and German military documents, which caused electrical breakdowns among all warriors' airplane and boats involved in the conflict.The book starts in 1942: Bea has endure an accident arrival in Egypt with two Allied troopers. Subsequent to battling Rommel's vaunted "Afrika Korps," she hesitantly reconnects with her tyrannical granduncle, Prime Minister Churchill, in Cairo, and afterward plunges back onto cutting edges with a diverse team including an astute African warrior named Gwafa.Next draw close to death undertakings with genuine characters: German physicist Walter Gerlach, Bea's "reluctant rival" the splendid Professor Porsche, and "Ahnenerbe SS" researchers Ernst Sch?fer and Edmond Geer.HISTORICAL DETAILS AND BOUNDLESS IMAGINATIONReaders will savor the blend of Warner's recorded subtleties and unfathomable creative mind as he depicts scenes, for example, the real 1942 Oval Office meeting between Churchill, General George Marshall, and President Roosevelt, where they devise a worldwide technique to overcome the Axis powers and talk about the UFO-like "Heavenly Devices" and "Foo-Fighters" on numerous battlefronts, their enormous plans unknown.Women perusers will see the value in the incredible couple of Bea and Alice: Bea is in charge of both a German Tiger Tank and a super-fueled carrier while Alice exhorts, insults and explores. Similarly as WWII considered ladies to be new jobs as mechanics, ship pilots, knowledge agents, code-breakers, specialists, medical attendants and researchers, Warner's books are a festival of these ladies and the "Heavenly Feminine" — the ascendance of ladies' normal, otherworldly and comprehensive leadership.All writer benefits go to injured veteran foundations. Buy at


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