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The Department of Transportation Management resumed its operation of the Online Driving License Registration Form in Nepal, which was paused because of the Covid-19 pandemic globally. However, as the limitations were released, DOTM officially commenced taking exams for driving licenses on Tuesday,29 December 2020. The excited and frustrated applicants were finally relieved to take the exam and get their driving license. However, due to the poor management of the website and server, many applicants were disappointed apparently. And the problem where one cannot submit their application is still occurring. So, let’s see how you can fill up your online driving license form from Nepal and submit your application more conveniently. Contents hide 1 Step 1: Visit the official site for the Online Driving License Form 2 Step 2: Selecting New License 3 Step 3: Fill Up your Online Driving License Form 3.1 Demographic Details 3.2 Address Details 3.3 Exam Information 4 Step 4: Checking Up Captc

घर मै बसि बसि Passport काे form कसरी भर्ने ?

Manual Passport Application Form – Guidelines Download the application form. Open the application form using Adobe Acrobat. If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat installed on your PC please download and install it. Once the form is open, Fill in your form and print. You should see the print window. Use only A4 size paper to print the form. Click on the printer properties button to bring up the printer options. And click on Paper. This tab can vary from printer to printer but it will mention paper. From the paper size, (this can have different labels for different printers) select A4. Click on OK. On Page Scaling Select None. Click OK to print. download offline forms to apply epasport 👉️ click here 👈️

आफनाे ठाउँ काे चुनाव काे result कसरी हेर्ने ??

to see election result goto clickhere and you will see chose your adress

AI Comes Home With Smarter Robots

Innovation Computer based intelligence Comes Home With Smarter Robots (TVA) - If your psychological picture of a robot in the house is restricted to Rosie from the Jetsons, now is the right time to have an impact on your viewpoint. Little, productive robots from the inventive home robot organization Trifo offer another interpretation of home assistance, with a computerized reasoning turn. "Our vision is to make a group of home robots that deals with the home so individuals can reside better and spotlight on what's significant," as indicated by the organization. The Trifo robots are intended to zero in on the indoor home climate. Each is furnished with a computerized reasoning framework that has detecting, discernment and dynamic abilities. Trifo robots can consistently adjust to their surroundings utilizing progressed AI innovation. Lucy Ultra Edition, the leader result of the Trifo line, is a conservative, round robot that comes loaded with elements to make your life sim